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The Fall of the Kingdom

The Fall of the Kingdom ( is short Visual Novel I made for the Tyranobuilder Gamejam 2018 (

Since the theme of the jam was "when in Rome" and one interpretation of the saying is about "going with the flow", that the meaning I used, during the game, there is some choices around this.

In the game your role is to rule a city in fantasy kingdom, where you need to make several decisions. The game visual take inspiration from the visual art style in older visual novels in pc engine or other old Japaneses computers.

Music is from the site 蒼月音 (

Joao salvadoretti screenj1

Screenshot 1

Joao salvadoretti coverfinal1

Intro Screen

Joao salvadoretti screenj2

Screenshot 2

Joao salvadoretti flowmap1empty


Joao salvadoretti flowmap1names

Map - With Locations

Joao salvadoretti flowcityday1

Scene - Day

Joao salvadoretti flowcitysunset1

Scene - Sunset

Joao salvadoretti flowcitynight1

Scene - Night

Joao salvadoretti flowcitynight1outerwall

Scene - Outer Walls taken

Joao salvadoretti flowcitynight1innerwall

Scene - Inner Walls taken

Joao salvadoretti flowcitynight1ruins1

Scene - Game Over