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Simple STG game.

Small project I done to train and learn more about unity and the creation of sprites (using Piskel) - it is a simple STG (shoot them up, games like Space Invaders), it features three different weapons for the player, which one with his own system, life system (with both lives and hit points) and a increasing number of enemies. Soon I will upload the final version, once I figure where.

The space background is maybe either from from or It was a old file I had around.

Space - Laser
Z - Missile, limited by number.
X - Beam attack, which the player has to wait to recharge before firing again.
WASD - Moving around.

Joao salvadoretti spacegame6

Game screenshot 1

Joao salvadoretti spacegame1

Game screenshot 2

Joao salvadoretti spacegame7

Game screenshot 3

Joao salvadoretti spacegame3

Game screenshot 4

Joao salvadoretti spacegame4

Game screenshot 5

Joao salvadoretti spacegame5

Game screenshot 6

Joao salvadoretti spacegame2

Game screenshot 7

Joao salvadoretti spacesheet

Sprite sheet for both the player and enemy ships.

Joao salvadoretti explosion1

Early draft for a sprite sheet just for the player explosion animations.

Joao salvadoretti explosionsmoke1

Final version of the sprite sheet used for explosions, damage and smoke.

Joao salvadoretti grandexplosion

Final sprite sheet for the explosion upon player or enemy death.

Joao salvadoretti newmissile

New sprites for projectiles.

Joao salvadoretti enemyexplosion1

Early draft for a sprite sheet just for the enemy explosion animations.