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The concept was simple hall with more focus on improving usage of material, with added not for specular effect and also to build some atmosphere using more node on the world. By last, this scene was also imagined to have some chances to usage of clothes in blender.

Following some advice on Polycount, I made some changes to the world output nodes, which improved the sky and changed the lights, reducing it to a single sun spot, instead of three lights used before that had the result of almost removing shadows.

Textures are from and

Joao salvadoretti hallightnew1

New Version 1

Joao salvadoretti hallightnew2j

New Version 2

Joao salvadoretti hallightnew3j

New Version 3

Joao salvadoretti hallight1

Hall 1

Joao salvadoretti hallight2

Hall 2

Joao salvadoretti hallight3

Hall 3

Joao salvadoretti hallight4

Hall 4